Triggering scenario when label applied to Gmail

Hi all, I have a scheduled scenario to ‘watch orders’ on Squarespace > create a new task in Click for the new order.

Squarespace can send out an email automatically when a new order is placed, and I’d like to use that to run the scenario rather than a schedule. The email arrives in my Gmail account and has a label automatically applied.

However, I’m a newbie and I’m stuck as this seems to be using 2 triggers - i.e. a new labelled gmail is a trigger and so is the ‘watch orders’ on Squarespace.

The full scenario I’m hoping to achieve is new labelled Gmail which triggers > ‘watch orders’ in Squarespace which triggers > create new task in Clickup.

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!

You can use the Make: Run a Scenario module:

To manually run another scenario that is scheduled to run “On demand”: