Triggering a Scenario questions

I have a scenario set up where I am monitoring a specific Google Drive folder for the creation of a new folder inside of it.

I would like the Scenario to activate WHEN the new folder is added… but I don’t see an option for the timing that sounds like it will do that. “On Demand” sounds like it SHOULD activate when the condition is met, but some of the community posts make it sound like this is not the case.

Any thoughts on this?

Hi there,

In this case, you can use the watch folder trigger and specify the schedule interval, such as how often you would like this module to check for new folders.


scheduling refers to the ability to manually trigger a scenario to run immediately.

In other words, if you are using “on-demand” scheduling, you do not have the option to schedule it, as you need to manually trigger it every time.

You can find more information on "Scheduling a Scenario" here.

Hope that helps! :slight_smile:


@Amadio_Gabriel - so there is no way for the condition to activate the scenario (when a new folder is created)?

This is correct. According to the Google Drive API, we can only watch files or changes to a specific file. There is no mention of folders (no folder endpoint) so that is not possible.

This is not a Make limitation, but a Google Drive limitation.

For more information, see Notifications for resource changes - Google Drive API

The only workaround I can think of is to read ALL the folders in Google Drive, and compare it to the list of the last (read of ALL the folders) to see what’s changed, which is highly unfeasible if you have millions of folders.


Thank you - I encourage someone on your team to reach out to Google about that. Zapier CAN watch for a new folder within a specified folder and notify a Slack channel WHEN and only when that happens. I’ve had that workflow in operation for years before switching to Make. The cost of Make is what drew me here, but if the same functionality is not available, I may need to switch back.