Triggering new (non-recurring) Notion database items with future due dates tied to trigger date

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I’m trying to build Notion automations and can’t find a way to trigger a Notion task with a future due date. Does anyone know how I’d go about that? I think the issue is I’m not necessarily looking to set up a recurring task. For example, I’m wanting to trigger a “follow up with prospect” task to populate when a new item is added to my “Sales Opportunities” database. BUT, I want that follow-up task to be due x number of days after the trigger date.

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Hello @Garrett_Clawson, it sounds like you would like to create a “Task” in your Notion “Tasks” database when a new “Opportunity” is added to your “Sales Opportunities” database. If my understanding is correct, here are some considerations:

  1. Is there a relation between your “Tasks” database and your “Sales Opportunities” database?

  2. To create your default task, you can use the “Create a database item” Notion module in Make. To set up the due date in the future, you can use the following formula: {{addDays(now; 5)}}
    In this example, the due date would be 5 days from the automation run (now) – image attached is a screenshot of this

  3. Make sure to also populate the relation property via the automation (so that your task is related to the appropriate “Sales Opportunity”. You can do this by mapping the ID from your trigger module


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Setup the Followup Task date with the AddDays formula.



Heya @Garrett_Clawson welcome to the community :wave:

I just wanted to let you know that if you wanted to learn more about functions such as addDays, you can check out this guide:

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You guys are amazing, thank you @Simo!

One more quick question - I’ve been trying to dynamically map an array from an existing database item on to that new task/database item, but Make keeps throwing an error. Do you know why that’s happening? I don’t want to assign the same array to each new dB item but want it to reflect the array found in the existing item in the other dB.

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I would need a bit more details to understand, but I believe you may find this video (recorded for another Make Community thread) useful.

And also this video

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Not sure if this would help, but you could set up automation with Notion and Make.

Check out this article. Hope this helps

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