Todoist due dates to Notion database item

Hello everyone

I am trying to create an automation that creates a database item in Notion when I create a new task in Todoist inbox.

There are couple problems here.

  1. The Todoist webhook takes forever to retrieve the task I created. The strange thing is that it used to work very quickly. Is this a known issue or is this not an issue and a normal occurence?

  2. I have 3 todoist modules in this automation.
    The ‘New event’ module that acts as a trigger.
    ‘Get Task’ module to get data from the task I created.
    ‘Delete Task’ module to delete the task in Todoist after the automation creates a database item in Notion.

For some reason, the automation gives me an error message saying ‘[400] Due Date is not a property that exists.’ I will attach the screenshots of my automation. It would be really great if you could point out what I have to fix in order to get the job done.

Hello, based on the error, it sounds like either (a) the “Due Date” property in the Notion database was deleted, or (b) its name was changed. In either case, you may be able to solve this error by opening the Notion module “Create a database item” > selecting “Refresh” to refresh the properties. Then you can check the “Due Date” property and remap the value from Todoist if needed