True Newbie needing help with webhook calls opening duplicate tickets

I am attempting to use a webhook from my cloud to open support tickets on my system. However, this is creating duplicate tickets if the device id is the same. I would like some help figuring out how to set a filter so that the webhook will not open a trigger if it occurs within five minutes of the last webhook. Anyone have insights on how to set that up? I am brand new to this!

Hi @RCN_Jason

Please share more details or a loom video to understand the issue in detail.

Hi. You can create a simple datastore and save the last ticket ID at the end of the run. So when a new webhook arrives you can check in the datastore if the tickek ID exist and put a filter to let only pass if it not exist.

Make datastore modules:

Make datastore documentation:


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Is this just dragging in the check existing record module, and adding a filter that states if [variable] exists?

Second question, do I need to configure the data store in such a way that it only tracks a single record and then replaces it?

Exactly for the first question. And Yes, you can store all records or just the last one (using just one key in the datastore).

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Here is the basic scenario, its pretty simple:

I am using a webhook trigger from a cloud platform, and then automating opening a ticket. Here is the information I want in the ticket:

What I need to do is set it up so that if the information is the same in consecutive webhook calls that those webhook calls do not generate more tickets after the first incident. I only want a single ticket per device regardless of the number of alerts.

Example, If the router drops and reconnects five times in a five minute period i only get the ticket for the first alert, instead of ten tickets.

Alright. In that case, you can use a google sheet to add data for the first time. Then, using Search Rows you can check if data is already present or not. Accordingly, you can send the data only once.

You can also use datastore instead of Google sheet.

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A better explanation of how data store works would be appreciated. I am struggling with making the scenario check the data.

Please refer to the below link to learn about data store in detail:

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While I do not think it is possible to limit the Webhook triggering. Like some other commenters have said best to setup a Datastore and then check the contents of that Datastore as the next step and then filter the further steps based on the results of that Datastore.

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