Trustpilot and thrivecart

Hey everyone.

I’m a webinar specialist for solopreneur. I help coachs and creators scaling their courses through Youtube Ads + Webinar.

In order to collect many testimonials and build the authority to my clients, I use Trustpilot.

Since 3 weeks, I had an issue with make and this configuration.

In deed, I want to connect Thrivecart with Trustpilot for retrieve testimonial of my clients.

But, when I want to connect my Trustpilot account to make this message pop-up : “Waiting for authorization…”

I don’t understand what kind of authorization this message refers to.

Do you see any solution for connecting my Trustpilot account to make ?

Thanks in advance.

If you want to connect personally, this is my email :

Best regards :wink:

I think there is an issue with your connection.

You can remove the existing connection if anything is there and create a new one using the Client ID and Client Secret. Refer this page: Authentication - Trustpilot API Documentation

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Hi I am having the same issue trying to connect to Trust Pilot I want to connect it to Klaviyo.