Trying to get/load a file from a url to use in other modules

Is there a simple way to get a URL into the modules so it can be mapped and referenced in later modules?
I am trying to upload a URL containing an image to Printify. I have the URL in Google sheets and can reference it there but how do I set up to pick it from the map?

Step 1: Google sheets module to get a cell:


Step 2: This is the url in the cell referenced in this google sheet - it is a url containing an image
link 1

Step 3: Populating the Printify module with the value returned from Google Sheets shows the URL is loaded as output.

Step 4: Printify module is run but it asks for a value - I am trying to map the value to I don’t have to input it each time. Am I missing a variable output name here?

Step 5: Printify comes back with an error - parameter.

Step 6: Try it with URL instead - mapped to Value from Google Sheets.

Step 7 : Still get error in parameter.

Any help? When I have a url returned (form OpenAI) it seems to have Loaded it to use but how to get an image URL in without being returned from an API is not intuitive. Searched the chat and it seems that quite a few have this same issue.
I’ve tried this with Google Photos, same result, http: get file, download file…same thing. Is there a way to reference a file via its URL in a simple way to be used in modules? Thanks!

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Hi Schaeffj

To solve this please check below loom.

In loom I am using HTTP module only, Please map the URL from google sheet to HTTP module.

Thanks & Regards
Msquare Support


Hello there,

I’m hoping you can provide more detail on how to make this work… I encounter an error like this:

The Google Sheets is mapped to the correct cell which contains the image url (on Google drive) which is shareable to everyone.

The HTTP is mapped to the value and from the below you can see that the input shows that it is correctly getting the url.

However the output is in a different format which may be confusing the Printify link and the result is a format not recognized error.

I’ve tried linking to a file in onedrive, Dropbox and Google drive with the same result.

Please could you provide more insight on how you got the result you shared above.

FYI the file is a regular .jpg

If there’s a better way to do this please let me know.

Thank you.