Trying to Populate Google Docs Template and Email as PDF Attachment

Goal: To automatically create a customized digital poster (based on CRM info) and email it as a PDF attachment.

The Story: I have a Google Docs template with an image in the background and merge fields over top.

I connected HubSpot to Google Docs to pull data from HubSpot CRM and populate the template.

The Google Docs module is a “Create a Document from Template” module.

I want to convert that template into a PDF file and email it and an attachment.

I tried adding a Google Docs “Download a Document” module next, but it required me to choose an existing file. I can only choose the template. There is no option to choose the output from the last module.

What is the 3rd module I should be adding and what should I do? Thanks.

Hello @Jesse you should definitely be able to accomplish this with the two Google Modules. I do this in an active scenario myself. See my screenshot below. Try running the Google Docs List Documents module once just to make sure that is working. And then try switching on the “Map” toggle so that you can map the Document ID from the previous module.

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