Simple Free Way to Populate and Email Document as PDF Attachment?

Background: Hi. I am using the free version of HubSpot CRM. The “Deal” record has all of the client’s information required in an invoice. (In other words, I do not need to pull any data from an associated Contact record or associated Company record.) My trigger in HubSpot CRM works as it is supposed to.

Goal: However, I want to use Make to automatically send an invoice based on the HubSpot Deal fields. I am only looking for free options to do this. (Bank transfer fees are ok but I’m not looking for any monthly membership fees.)

Problems: This has proven far more difficult than I anticipated.

  1. I tried to integrate Stripe, using “Create an Invoice” but it requires inserting the Customer ID. That’s a big problem because the customer I invoice is not always an existing customer.
  2. I tried using Zoho Writer, but my merge templates never show up in the Make dropdown menu.

Thanks for any info.

Edit: I have the $6/month version of Google Workspace. I think this is probably possible in Make with 1 or 2 Google Docs modules and a Gmail module. I’m just not sure what the details are.

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Hi @Jesse ,

What you could possibly do is the following:

  • Have a trigger with the “Watch module” on Hubspot which watches for new deals in a specific matter. Let’s say you put it on “won” then you filter on this and trigger
  • In Google docs, create a template by using variables inside {{ }}
  • Then in Make, use the Google Docs module and use “Create from template”. This allows you to fill in any kind of date within the variables you made earlier
  • Use the Google Drive module to export the file you just created to PDF. Not sure, this option could be in “advanced” settings
  • Then use Gmail to send the PDF to the client

Hope this helps you! Please share screenshots of your scenario in case you get stuck

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Thanks. I’m not sure how to do Step 4 (the export). I did a test template and populated it successfully. That part is ok. I already used Gmail to send a regular email before. However, getting a PDF as an attachment automatically is a mystery to me.

Hi @Jesse

Use the Google Doc module to get the PDF



Wow. Very cool how that works. Thanks!

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