Your Quote for an Answer?

If this is possible to do using Make, Google Docs, and Gmail (I already have the $6/month version of Google Workspace), I’m up for paying for an answer: Simple Free Way to Populate and Email Document as PDF Attachment?

I’m not a computer programmer or web developer, so I’m not too picky about the solution being a little convoluted. If it works I’m ok. I’m just running a simple 1-person business, racing to get this done, and I don’t have the budget for implementation. Feel free to send me a quote (here or PM) for an answer. I would just need an answer that does not make assumptions I am familiar with anything, but instead breaks down all the little baby steps (maybe with a couple of screenshots). Or jump on the phone to walk me through it? Thanks.

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Hey @Jesse Thanks for reaching out here, I’ve just dropped a quote for you in PM,

Feel free to schedule the initial free consult here: Calendly - Tim Little to discuss any questions or get us kicked off on the project.