Looking for a quote! [Gmail x Google Drive]

I’m looking for someone able to help me to set up the following scenario:

  • Watch an email account (Gmail) for new attachments sent by clients.
  • When attachments are received, they need to be saved in a Google Drive folder named as “Sender’s name - sender’s email address”
  • If the folder exists, save them in the same folder. If it does not exist, create the folder.
  • If the sender sends a file that already exists in the folder, a second file needs to be created, preferably with a suffix like “[new]”

The idea is just to create a repository of all the attachments sent by each client in their own folders.

Please send me a quote! I guess a step-by-step video would be enough!

Thank you all!

Hi @Rodrigo_Bitello, we’d be able to build this for you. Please reach out to me via email for a quote: dan@mergeyourdata.com

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Hi there,

Happy to help you. I am an expert Make partner, handled over 5000+ technical cases on Make and delivered 500+ projects so far.

I can offer a free consultation call and will see if that interests you to work along.

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