Turn multiple Google sheets row into one curated summary

Goal: Convert a bunch of news articles located in a few rows into a curated news summary to post on social media.

Steps so far: I set a Gsheets trigger to check for rows that have column D checked. Some days, I have 3 rows checked, some days I may have more. I’m currently stuck at transferring these rows as one single package to the ChatGPT module. Because the Gsheets module would return 3 bundles (or more). While with the variables provided, ChatGPT could only read the 1st bundle and ignore the rest.

Help: Is there any way for me to combine all the bundles into one single variable so that I may send it to ChatGPT and get all the articles summarised.

Hi @Musoka

I think you can use “Google sheet: Search Rows” module and then connect text aggregator to aggregate all data from the specific column with required separator.

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By any chance is there a way to use a new line as separator?

Hi @Musoka

Yes you can use Newline option in the Row separator instead of Other.

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