Twitter and Make stopped working suddenly 403 Client Forbidden

Hi all,

We have been enjoying the Twitter and integration for a couple of months. So far so good, until a few days ago. The Twitter connection suddenly stopped working.

These guidelines were followed:

The error I’m receiving:

[403] Client Forbidden: You are trying to access v2 Twitter endpoint. Make sure you have a Basic plan at least.
Learn more about Twitter v2 API access:

We have double-checked all permissions and replaced the old API keys, but none of it is working.

I also checked our rate limits and we didn’t reach the limits there.

Does it mean Twitter limited API access and we’re forced to upgrade to a basic plan (I refuse to pay $100 per month just for a simple API access endpoint)?

Please advice and thanks for the advice!


I just noticed there is an active topic already about this issue.

Feel free to merge this =)

Hello, @Festinger_Vault thank you for reaching out to the community and bringing the issue to our attention.

First and foremost, I would like to say that I am truly sorry for the trouble you’re currently experiencing.

Considering the nature of the error you’re encountering, it is likely to be closely tied to your connection. Unfortunately, the community doesn’t have the necessary capabilities to effectively assist you in situations like these.

In order to thoroughly investigate and resolve this matter, could you please open a ticket with our support team? The agents have the appropriate tools and access required to dive deeper into your specific issue and assist you to resolve this matter.

Thanks a lot for your understanding and cooperation :pray: