Typeform variable from array

I am having trouble connecting Typeform with other apps. I already have been searching for this problem and I guess it is a mapping problem, however i just do not understand how to map it correctly.
I have a Typeform submission that triggers my scenario. In this submission there is a variable called link:

Now I am trying to set this as a new variable to use it as a filter in the next step. Here is the problem, that I am not able to do this properly:

I understand that it has something do to with the array, so i tested
{{get(1.variables[4].text; “link”)}} as well, but it is just not working. Can somebody help me with this? Thank you in advance!

What about trying 1.variables.2.text ?

Otherwise you could use a map with filter. According to the map documentation it would look something like this:


Hi @JustMo

If your requirement is to collect text data having key as link please use get and map function.
{{get(map(19.Variable; “text”; “key”; “link”); 1)}}

This will result text value(danke-n) if key is link

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