Unable to get the scenario (send email) to run

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I am trying to run my first scenario using Survey123 and Gmail, where I want it work as follows: when a specific entry is selected, I receive an email alert. I have been able to set up the filter and the Gmail connection, but when I click “RUN”, it just cycles on forever, with the last message being “Waiting for Data”. I click stop, and then see this error message in the history:
“The bundle did not pass through the filter.”

I don’t know if I am making a mistake in how I set up the filter, or if I did something wrong with setting up gmail. Any help is much appreciated!

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Can you share what your scenario schedule settings look like?

As you are using the instant trigger, what the scenario expects when you run the scenario is the data will arrive at that moment, thus when you are running it, since there is no incoming data it will be just stuck on the first module.

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I had it set up using the immediate trigger, so the data would run in the moment. (Basically there will be a bunch of people in the field filling out the same survey. They fill out forms based on the their captures of wildlife. When they catch a specific animal in a trap and select that species, I will be alerted to that).

It there a better option, to have it once per day or something?

Thank you for your reply!

Not necessarily, It should pick up the data if you are using immediate trigger if the Module support it. Can you go through your scenario history and see what data are you getting on Survey123? From the screenshot shared, it seems like the filter that you are using is blocking that, which I am not sure though.

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@Lor if you use the “Run once” within the scenario editor, you have to send data at that moment since its an instant module. So it will run forever until you send some data.

If the filter is not working, go into the scenario logs (history) and click on the filter icon with the 0. This shows you what kind of input and what kind of filter you have. This way you can debug it.