Unexpected loop in a scenario

Dear community,

For the following scenario, I have an expected loop. What I mean by that is that for one data, the scenario will be executed an infinite number of time. (In my example, an infinite number of item will be created on WebFlow,an infinite number of emails will be sent).
Can u help me please?

Hi @Pierre_Landoin,

What it the use case, and what does the automation do?

The issue that you are having is due to the second module, which is basically listing all items in Webflow and creating items or sending emails. So, If there is no filter applied in module settings, it will run X number of times if the number of items in Webflow is X.

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Hey there @Pierre_Landoin :wave:

just wanted to step in and ask whether you found a solution for your problem.

If yes, could you share with us your progress and solution? This way we keep the community neat and tidy for other users.

Thanks a lot! :hibiscus:

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