Unstoppable scenario

I can’t seem to find a way to way a scenario unstoppable in the event of errors. Is there an easy way (other than adding error handler → Ignore on all failable steps)? It’s a webhook called by a higher level scenario so I’d like an easy way to say if there’s an error ignore the current unit of work and keep trucking…

Global error handling is not currently available in the platform, but there are a few workarounds depending on the scenario specifics that could reduce the number of error handlers needed.

look into applying the make api on a secondary scenario, that checks if scenario stopped, its current work que, delete failed work items, and restart scenario.

this can be a dangerous thing to do, so i recomend keeping a log somewhere of what your failed work items were, depending on how critical the data is.

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you “might” also be able to achieve what you are looking for using these two settings.

Thanks. I have tried to tweak consecutive errors but to no avail.

So enabling data loss and failed execution storage, will stop the current “run”
and allow the next request in que to run.

It will not allow the current execution to continue in the case of an error, as far as i know, there is no easy way to allow current to continue after an error, without assigning error handlers to each module.

this might be because you would need to assign values to “variables” that are required further in the scenario. and a global error handler could make that very complicated.