Update a record in Salesforce, got this issue "Missing value of required parameter 'record'."

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I’m quite new on make and met an issue with my scenario.
I want to watch a google calendar and :

It works well for creating a record in salesforce but not to update one.

Here the way i parameter my “update salesforce” module :

Thanks for your help :pray: :pray:

@Alexis_DECLOEDT what filter did you created after router? Are you sure that record already exist??

Princy Jain
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Hi @Princy , thanks for your answer.

Yes, i’m sure my records already exist :

For the filter :

Thanks for your help :pray:

I prefer to use the record id also in filter. As that’s required to work. But if you can re-run the scenario and then share the screenshot of results of search record module. Then i can help you further.


It worked !
Thanks a lot Princy.
U rock :ok_hand:


Glad i can help @Alexis_DECLOEDT now if you can mark my reply as solution than it will be appreciated.