Update Google sheet cells in a sheet that is not created yet

Hi, happy to now be on board.

In a scenario i have a html trigger.
This creates two values. If value = 1 it will create a a Google sheet → move that to a new folder on Google drive → update cels in the sheet.

That’s easy enough.

If the value = 2 (which will always come after value = 1) it should add new information in the Google sheet create before.

But since that flow is disconnected from where the spreadsheet was created og dont have the id to reference to.

How do I grab a file on Google drive that don’t exist when creating the scenario.

At the end the the value = 2 will send the data away and delete the sheet, so the sheet will never exist.

I’m SharePoint I’ve previously been able to hardcore path, nu using filename instead of ID’s but I can’t see Google drive are working that way.

I actually just need to search in a folder for that one file and grab the ID and send it to the spreadsheet ID in the update cell function.


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Hi. Have you tried use the Google Drive search module?

If you need additional support, please don’t hesitate to reach out.


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