Updating a cell in Google Sheets from another Spreadsheet

I would like to automate copying rows/cells from different tables. I have a lot of smaller tables and I would need to write the rows in them into a large table.

This is an example of one scenario.

I am searching for rows in a (smaller) table.
If the rows don’t exist, they are created in a new table. This works. At the same time, it writes the ID to the original (smaller) table if there is a change in those rows.

If rows already exist in the (large) table, they should be updated. Using the ID. But this is not happening.

In last one Screenshot - I add it ID to large table…but I dont know, if it is necessary. I just thought that the ID should be in both the original (small) table and the big one so that it could be paired.

So, the problem is in other way. When ID exists, rows should be updated by ID. However, my rows update (2-x) not, by ID.

I really don know, where is problem. Thanks a lot.

Hi @LinkDuo

The filter option is not suitable for checking existence, so I recommend utilizing the search option instead.

It appears that you want to verify if rows in a smaller table exist in a larger table. To achieve this, use the search module to check if the value exists or not. After performing the search, if the total bundle count is greater than zero (indicating existence), use the update option; otherwise, use the create option.

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