Update information (append new rows, updated existing rows) from a csv in drive

Hello, I have a scenario that extract information from Hubspot, then transform the data into a csv and finally update a csv in google drive, but there is a problem with the update module of google drive, it just delete the content of the old csv and override it.

My goal is to have a csv containing all the information from hubspot and I want to maintain this csv updated (not only append new rows to the csv but also replace the rows that changed in hubspot), I already created the trigger that execute every time there is new information on hubspot and also the csv transformation, the only step I’m missing is updating the csv on google drive.

Is not necessary to have this in google drive, I just try to use it because it have a module called update but as I explained before it just override the content of the csv instead of adding new information.

If there is a better way to do this than saving it in drive it would be helpful to know too.