Updating a "Notion" status

Hi Community,

I am a brand new user of Make, so, sorry for the basic question.

I have a scenario where:
1- In [Notion] Check if status is “In progress”
2- to [Google sheet] Import Notion rows with this status
3- to [Notion] Update status to “Check import” :zap:This is where I bug

The screenshots shows my config for this 3rd step.

Do you have any clue on how to make this 3rd step working?

Thank you in advance

Hello, for your step #3, try to use the module “Update a Database Item”.

In “Database ID”, enter the database ID manually (mapping the value doesn’t work in my experience) – see highlighted string in image attached

In “Page ID”, map the page ID from your previous Notion module (like you already did in the picture).

Then, update the status property to Check Import

Let me know how this goes

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Many thanks @Simo for your answer.

[edit] I finally managed to do it following your instructions and using the “page ID” operator.

Thank you again

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