Updating existing Streak Box - Ref to Box Key?

I’ve created a scenario to trigger each time an email is sent to a client with a specific subject title. The action I want is for this client to be moved along to the next stage in a CRM pipeline (using Streak).

I can’t find any way to refer to the email address from the trigger stage to be used by the Streak module in locating the existing Box. The module asks me to select the “Box Key” and I can’t map this from the Gmail trigger module…

The original Streak box creation & contact update is automated anytime a new client form is submitted (Google Sheets new row trigger).
I’d love to then be able to have the Gmail module trigger when the contact is sent an email and the Streak module to update the client Box for the next stage of the pipeline.

I’m really new to this automation world, so please point out any obvious errors or easier ways of achieving the end result.

Can you share output bundles and a few screen shots of your modules?

Hi Alex,

Thanks for your offer of help - I think I have found a way to make this work:

Module Streak - List Boxes
Filter Box Name Equal to Email address (from Gmail Module)
Module Streak - Update Box

This seems to be working now and only updates the box where the email address from the trigger matches the box name (email)


You may wish to use the case insensitive Equal To operator in the filter. Or just upper case both the Box Name and the Email address.

You will want to watch to make sure the email array has only one record. If you only want to choose the first record place a 1 between the [ and ] in the email address to grab the first array element.


Thanks so much for those additional tweaks - I hadn’t spotted the case insensitive filter options & have added the 1 to pick the 1st array element on the email. Super helpful thanks :star_struck:

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