Streak Trigger that only runs when a certain field is changed?

Hello, is there a way to make a Scenario only run when a certain field in Streak is changed?

Currently we are using the “Box changed” Trigger, but that is very inefficient since we only care about the changes to a certain field.

We are currently switching from Zapier to Make, and I did not really find that function yet.

Of course we could let Zapier do the initial Trigger on field changed (since Zapier has that function) and just process the data in Make, but a solution only in Make would be better.

Hi Ben_Koch,

It seems that Streak works with different level of data (e.g., boxes, stages, contacts, organizations…), the data you want to observe belongs certainly to one of this level.
So using a module watch, you should be able to detect the changes.

I hope it helps.



Thanks for your reply.

As my Topic said I currently detect Box changes. What we are trying to archieve is to only detect when a certain field in a box is changed.

We already detect the right change, we just also detect a ton of other changes that we not care about, which eats up our operations.

You could add a filter on the field you are interested in.
Could you send an example of output bundle of Box changes?


Sure, the output bundle of Box changed only gets me the Box-Key of the changed box.

“key”: “aGxzYW1mb29iYXJyLghJDE9ub3BlbmFpLgsSDV9yYW5kb21zdHJpbmcuY29tDBIEZm9vYmFyYmF6”

Each box has like 50 fields which are all frequently updated, the trigger activates on each of the field changes, which is the problem I am trying to solve.

Did you try to contact Streak?
They may help you to understand how to retrieve the changes in your box, there is certainly a trick to observe a “physical field” in a given box.

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