Updating multiple subtasks with Monday

I have been playing with automation and updating subtasks, am having some success at updating one subtask of each task, but unsure how to update ALL the subtasks of a given task.

I have a structure as follows. 3 records with 3 subtasks beneath each.

I have set up a Make.Com automation that will copy a field from the Main Task to the subtasks. The goal is to copy the main record name (and maybe other data like email address) to fields in each subtask. For simplicity sake, just dealing with the TaskName now (which will be a unique employee name).

After copying, this is how the table should populate.

I’ve created a simple copy using Make.com, and it works to populate 1 field in each group OK, but I don’t see how to get more than 1 field populated. I must be missing something fundamental, or perhaps need to add more fields to copy in the final step, maybe an array or something pulling in more records for the board, or something.

This is the result after running the Make.com scenario listed below

My current scenario is as follows, and there’s something I’m missing for it to populate the other 2 subtasks (My real data set has over 20 subtasks, and up to 100 main records). Obviously I have to figure out how to pull ALL records and process them, or maybe be able to identify a record for an entire set of subtasks at one time, for this to work. I’d be ok in just doing a pull for the specific subtask I was on at the time, if a webhook would work for that.

List Board Items Settings:

Get An Item Settings:

Set Variable Settings:

Update Column Values of a Specific Item Settings:

Anyone care to point me in the right direction? My understanding, from reviewing (loosely) similar projects on youtube, and in this forum, lead me to believe I need at least one of the Array/Iterators involved to somehow populate info into my Monday.com lists in some orderly fashion. All my testing thus far using them don’t seem to work for me, and I can’t find any salient info on how they are used in similar projects.


@Blinno Do you know maybe how to?

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Hi @gccxc,

I don’t have Monday or Make opened to check but you need a module that generate bundles for each subitem.

My guess is that when you get an item on your watch module the sub items are returned as an array. So if you iterate that array and then you should be good :slight_smile:


I’ve played a bit with the whole Iterator thing, trying this and that. Kind of swinging the dark. I haven’t been able to find any similar projects using it, so it’s just a mystery to me as to what I need to do, or if I need to hook it up with other ‘tools’ inside of Make.com, to get it to work.

If I could find a like-project that does this, it would be great.

My set-up is vanilla here, and I’m now looking for consulting to help, since I’ve tried quite a bit of different scenarios, without any positive change in the outcome. This has now gone beyond the ‘point and click fun’ to having to code, and it’s byzantine, how Monday works for somethings, and fails on others. When combined with the error codes from Make.com, it’s entirely bewildering to me.

My set-up is basic, but similar to the eventual data set/layout I will be using. I’m only doing one data element at this point, but will be doing up to 4, if I ever solve this.

My Monday.com board:

The layout I’ve been trying to do with Make.com:

The view to the data set on the “Iterator” section (where I’ve tried several different fields). Currently just set to the bundles section, but clearly this doesn’t change anything regarding how it populates. I tried selecting other ‘array’ sections, some seemed to do a lot more records, but nothing was populated. I suspect this Iterator, along with other tools/settings, may be where the problem lies.

This particular section (updating column values), is a very annoying one, and extremely difficult to get to work. Why/How certain fields work or errors are thrown is a complete mystery to me. Sometimes I’ve gotten the few records that do update to work by selecting the Subitems Board, sometimes not. Sometimes the Board ID has worked, sometimes not. Sometimes it worked without doing the Set/Get variable, sometimes not. Extremely frustrating. I’m actively searching for other projects that have similar requirements to compare, or finding someone to help, 'cause it’s all grief and trial/error from here.

In the array iterator make sure to map the actual array

Then for the update module you need to get the subitem ID from the iterator output not from module 5

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Roger that working it now, appreciate the insight, and pointers!

Brilliant - works like a champ for this test scenario. I had failed to understand that the output from the iterator (ID), is the required INPUT for the Update option.

working through the logic now to apply to my populated board.


Just a heads up, if you have a board with many items, maybe this scenario with these options will exceed the monday.com API quota.

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