Upload multiple images to single Airtable attachment


I’m trying to upload multiple images stored on a Discord server to a single Airtable record.

The scenario runs without errors, but the images don’t appear in Airtable.

Does anybody know how to do this correctly?

Edit: I don’t want to download them to Google Drive or any other service.

It’s important that I preserve the original image on the discord server, because of this particular use case: Midjourney.

I need to be able to reference the original .png file later, stored in Discord, for making edits after rendering.

And if I understand correctly, Airtable doesn’t allow directly uploading via API.

I managed to do it with a HTTP module and a Patch request, with the help of the Airtable API documentation.


Hello @Jan_V

Amazing to hear that you got rid of the issue successfully! Also thank you very much for updating us on the progress.

Keep up the good job!

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