Upload mutiple attachement on airtable

i try to upoad multiple attachement for gmail to airtable but in 1 cell…
but after 1 day i still on this problem…
some can help me ? :pray:

I don’t think you can add/list/update multiple attachments in a single Airtable cell.

What you can do is if the attachments are all the same, like PDFs, you can use an external service like CloudConvert to merge them into a single PDF.


thanks for your answers
here i did it : Updating Record on Airtable that has Attachment

but it not working for me

Sorry, you mentioned files (attachments) into an Airtable cell, not text links.


You need to change your Array Aggregator module to a Text Aggregator


You need to use “Iterate Attachments” Gmail module.


You need to set the source module to the “Iterate Attachments” module.


i want attachaments… pdf
but what is diffierence with text link ?

With text, you can combine it to a single text string.

You cannot combine multiple files in the same way, unless you want to create a single file with a merge tool or Archive Aggregator.


I did it but i make a complicate scénario. i’m sure i can do more simply

That looks as simplified as it gets – your original scenario was more or less the same.


for the first its was operation so i cannot use correctly array agregator…
I mean i use this formula {{if(get(map(42.array; “url”); 1); get(map(42.array; “url”); 1); )}} for item 1, and item 2, etc… but its works with bundle.
if i have 2 operations i cannot use ( or i dont know how )

si create a tempory table to put url, get it with agreator and use with formula