Use a view instead of a table on SQL Server


I created a view on my SQL Server Database :

However, I can’t see it on my Make interface :

Is it possible to use a view in Make ?

Thanks by advance,

Hi Brice (once again :slightly_smiling_face:),

Technically speaking a view is like a virtual table (as described here).

According to this documentation page, almost all the actions you can realize on a table can also be done on a view, so there is no “theoretical” reason.

However, the information about views (resp. information about tables) is stored in sys.views (resp. sys.tables), in Make, there is maybe just an access to tables…

You should send an email to the support for a confirmation.


P.S.: please change the mysql tag, you’re using Microsoft SQL Server.

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Hi Philippe,

Thanks again for your answer. That’s exactly why I was wondering about that. I will ask the support then.

About the MySQL tag, there is no SQL Server tag available, so I took what was the closest…