Use get variable output in a filter

Hi Makers,

I have a question regarding the “set multiple variables” and “get variable” module.
I’m using both of them in a scenario to update data in an Excel sheet.

As you can see on these images I’m able to retrieve the variable.
But when I want to use it in the filter going through the next module it’s not working :

Maybe there is a subtility in the mapping that I can not comprehend. But I have try several configuraion yet it’s not working.

Any insight on how I could solve this please ?


Hi @Laura,
Basically what you are trying to do should work: you can test the output of a set/get variable in a filter.
But I don’t understand how the print screens relate to each other… In the last screen print you refer to module 21 in your filter. In the second print screen (where the filter did not pass) you are using module 3 in the filter.
Which value do you want to test and how have you setup that filter?


Hi @AutoPilots,

Thank you for your reply.
I did test the output of the set/get variable, and it is working properly.

The last screen is not really related sorry, it was me trying to use a “get multiple variables” instead of a “get variable” to test if it would work this way, but it didn’t.

The issue I feel, is that in the set multiple variable I have like 80 variables, and the get variable will get a new number of this set variables each run so when it comes to filter it doesn’t get through.
Here are some screen shots of how it’s configured :
set multiple variable :

get variable :

Then I have a router with several “branch” and a filter to see which one match the output I got in the get variable :

Hope it’s clearer.


Hello Makers,

For anyone having the same issue, it seems that the problem was indeed due to the mapping because I wasn’t using the right module.
I had to change the get variable module with an array aggregator and therefore use get and map functions in the filter. Here is a screen of how it’s configured.

Best regards,


Hello there @Laura :wave:

Inspiring to see that you got the ball rolling and solved this!

Thanks a lot for keeping the community updated throughout the process. :pray: