Use "IF cell contains X" statement

Hi there, I believe what I’m after is a really simple process, but I’m new, so be kind :slight_smile:

I currently have an automation which triggers when a new row is added to a Google Sheet. Once the process is complete, the process adds a “Yes” in column H of said row.

I’m finding that when running the automation, it’s grabbing the first row in a list (not what I want). And running a process on a row it’s already processed previously.

Is there a way to say “If column H has YES, skip the row, if it doesn’t, then run the process”… Or a way to ensure it only runs each row once and skips to the next if its already done it?

Again, imagine this is a pretty simple solution and I’m probably going a backwards way around achieving it, I’m just not up on all of the tools etc yet.

Thanks in advance

Create a filter,


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number of bundles

Numeric equal to