User errors support when applying tag on clickUp task

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I am using ClickUp for automating a process in the componey.
The flow goes as follows:
UserX fill a typeform form
The form is submitted into a clickUp list with specific tags and status.
The users(A) of this list are using tags in order to send email and to update the status of clickUp ticket.
There is situations when userA is using the wrong tag - this triggers wrong email to be sent, as the automation is sequential.
My Questions is as follows - what is the best way to rebuilt the auto in order to support user-error when applying a tag?
We need giving the userA the ability to change the tag. However if it’s sequential and listening to events the entire time, 2 emails would we sent - one with wrong one and the other with the last one applied.
I thought of few options to solve it, but I’d like yo hear from your experienced guys.
I understand that it’s not good solution to be sending the email right after tag was applied, as we need to give the user the ability to change.


Let me check if I understand correctly, the flow is this:

1.) Typeform Watch Responses module - this is the trigger, it will run whenever there are new entries.

2.) ClickUp Create a Task module - Once there’s a new entry, create a new task for this entry (in your description, do you mean “Task” as the Ticket?) with the specific fields and tags from the entry.

3.) Email/Gmail Send an Email module - then send an email to confirm that the task is created.

This is now where I’m a bit confused, if you could provide more information then that would be great! :slight_smile: When the tag is added, how would you know that the tag is incorrect?

Try to also add a filter after the send an email module then add a Google Sheets Add a Row (by mapping the Task ID that was created as this will be used in updating the Task to correct the tag) module to keep track of those “incorrect tags” then on the next Scenario, use a Watch Rows (try to schedule it like once or twice a day or depending on your preference just to give some time to “correct” those tags in ClickUp) google Sheets module as the trigger then Clickup Get a Task module to get that specific task then lastly the “Edit a task” Module and map the Task ID and the newly updated task from the Get a Task module.