Using the converger workaround but the variable isn't available for the common part

Hi All

So I’m trying to follow the converger workaround here:

I can build the different flows no problem but when I get to the common part starting with “Get Variable” the variable I have set at the end of the branches isn’t available to be selected.

I’ve checked the sequence and that looks OK. So why isn’t my “Record” variable available for the bottom sequence?

Any suggestions?

Hi @1stthingapps,

In the Get Variable, you need to manually enter the variable name, instead of using mapping.

For eg, In your case the variable name is Record, so you need to type Record in Get Variable Module.


Hello @1stthingapps happy Friday :wave:

Just wanted to see if you had a moment to try entering the valuable names manually as suggested by @Runcorn . And if so, did it get things up and running for you? We’re curious to find out :nerd_face:

Yep- finally got to try it and all good!

Brilliant, thanks a lot for keeping us in the loop!