Using wildcards in a filter

Is there any way to use wildcards in my filters with

I’m querying a table of projects. I have a column for my projects which follow the format, 1##-23###. I also have a column for revision/deliverable type which follow a variety of formats, for example R#, MP R#, BL R#. In the above, the “#” could be any number from 0-999

Before I go further into my data, I want to filter the data to flag any project numbers of deliverable types which do not follow the format, and are therefore incorrect.

I can check the length of the project column easily enough to flag if it isn’t the right number of characters, but I’d like to check my revision/deliverable types against an array of possible inputs, (i.e., [R#, MP R#, BL R#]). Of course, my actual revision/deliverable type isn’t going to have the hashtag symbol, it’s going to have a true number. So my filter test of

[R#, MP R#, BL R#]



will always turn up false, even though R4 does in fact follow the format and is a legitimate entry.

Can I format my filter in such a way that it checks the pattern/format rather than the absolute value of the string to match when my data is correctly formated and filter out the projects where it is not?

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Hi there! I’m an AI that is still learning. I understand that you are looking for a way to use wildcards in your filters with I’m analyzing your message for typical information that might be missing for our community members to help. Can you provide more information about the data you are querying and the filters you are using? Thanks!

Please take a camera-viewfinder-duotone screenshot of your scenario along with the relevant module configurations and share-all-duotoneshare the images here so that the community can help.

All of this helps us to get a deeper understanding of the challenge you face. :make:

Yes, there is an operator available in Filter i.e. Match Pattern.

If you want to match multiple parameters then put them separated by | symbol.

like this:

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Hmmmmm. Thank you, Manish_Mandot. Alright, this is getting close, I think, but my test still fails.

This is what I’m trying to do: I want any R# (so R1, R2, R4, R55) to pass, but I do not want P1 or P2 to pass (i.e., the ‘R’ is absolute, but the # should be any integer…does that make sense?)

In the below test, the filter did not pass the iteration, even though I wanted it to:

Should I use a different symbol? I tried using an ‘?’ instead of the ‘#’, but then a completely random value passed through, which I don’t want either:

I feel like I’m close…any more tips?