Utilizing Event Logs from Make to Analyze Processes using tools like Celonis Snap

Hey Community,

has anyone ever thought of logging all event logs from operations executed by make but also events from 3rd party tools used and connected via make in one data base?

This would potentially allow detailed display and analysis of processes in Tools like Celonis Snap?

Happy to exchange on this thought + receive any form of link documenting similar thoughts


Here’s how you might approach this idea:

Set up a centralized logging system, such as a database or a dedicated log management platform, where event logs from Make,com and connected third-party tools can be collected.
Configure Make,com to send event logs to the centralized logging system using APIs or webhooks. For third-party tools, if they offer logging or webhook capabilities, integrate them with the same logging system.
Ensure that event logs from different sources follow a standardized format, including relevant information such as timestamps, event types, module names, status codes, and additional context.
Use tools like Celonis Snap or other analytics platforms to aggregate and analyze the event logs. This can help you identify bottlenecks, performance issues, patterns, and areas for improvement in your automated workflows.
Implement real-time monitoring to receive alerts or notifications for critical events or errors. This enables timely intervention and proactive management.
Pay attention to data security and compliance considerations, especially if you’re dealing with sensitive data. Ensure that you follow best practices for data protection and privacy.

While I don’t have specific links to share, this concept aligns with broader trends in automation, workflow management, and data analytics. Many businesses are focused on streamlining their operations and gaining insights from integrated data sources.
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Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this!