Versioning for make is available now for free!

Hello makers!

Today it is very difficult to document all the changes in your make scenarios. Without notifying your changes, it’s harder to identify and fix a glitch. And without a release note, your team or your customer can’t see what you did and why you did it.

We are thrilled to announce that our version control feature for Make is available now. Everybody can sign up on their own to use and version their scenarios.

ncScale wants to be the GitHub for no-code, we started with make! We just released our product that helps you save all the changes while building scenarios.

How to start using make version control?
Watch demo: ncScale Product Update October 2022 - YouTube


1/ After installation, just change a scenario, and then click on the ncScale button to push:

2/ The changes are displayed as follow:

3/ Document and keep updated your team with a release note:

And there are many other features to document and share new versions with your team!

Try make versioning now!

Can’t wait to have your feedback!

Benoit, ncScale co-founder


Heya @benoitdemontecler :wave:

This is some seriously awesome stuff, I’m loving it! Thanks so much for putting your efforts into such a cool project and thanks for sharing it with the community :pray:

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Thank you @Michaela !
I had several questions in PM:

  • You can add as many organizations as you want in your ncScale account, for example 1 organization for each customer if you are an agency
  • You can add as many collaborators as you want for each organization or app in your account



This is lovely, @benoitdemontecler! Thanks for sharing.

Just saw the demo you shared and a question just popped out.

What other no-code tools can be connected to ncScale apart from Make and the beta versions shown in the video?

Thank you for your message @Diego_Rivas ! Today we are also integrated with Bubble and Airtable. Our next effort will be on Xano, n8n, Zapier, weweb, and Stacker. But our only focus right now is Make :sunglasses:

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Since you are already integrated with airtable maybe considering Softr in the future could be a great boost.

Make + Airtable + Softr + ncScale sounds like the dreamteam.

either way, Congrats on the effort and success on what is yet to come @benoitdemontecler!

By the way. maybe this could be useful for scaling and reaching more makers is a curated list of no-code tools. you can add ncScale as a new resource in there. :smiley:


Hello makers!

We just updated our product, that’s a short video with the new features:

Scenario change alert

Be alerted by email as soon as a scenario is changed without any commit message on ncScale is really important to keep track of what is happening right now on your no-code infrastructure.
In one click you can see all the changes.

Last edited scenarios list

To have a better visibility on all changes, dashboard provide scenarios list sorted by last edited date, along with the date of the last modification and the name of the person who last edited it.

Make observability dashboard

You will now be able to view important metrics and analytics related to your no-code tools. For make users: Operation available, Operation used by team, Operation used by organization.

Try make versioning now!

Can’t wait to have your feedback!

Benoit, ncScale co-founder


Is this still functioning? It isn’t discovering my Teams, so I can’t continue forward with getting this implemented. Thanks!

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Hello Cheron, the Versioning feature is currently on hold, and it will be integrated into our Documentation feature soon. This approach will make it more efficient without adding extra work for the makers. We can’t wait to share it with you!


@benoitdemontecler Great piece of software :+1:

I was talking just last week with a JS dev about this topic!
Glad that I found your post.

I just have one question:

  • How do I manage multiple clients with your tool?
  • Do I have to buy a license and own workspace for each client?

Hello @RaviTharuma , you need to have 1 ncScale app per Client to avoid merging things between two client. You will need to buy 1 licence per app. Which feature do you want to test? Our make users use a lot the Full Text Search to find dependencies between their scenarios and others services (Airtable and more) :slight_smile:

Hello Makers,

A quick update with ncScale 2.0. Versioning is available in a easier way than before. You can compare any version for ncScale Assets Catalog.

:point_right: Give it a try


This feature is now included in our Pro plan, starting at $25/month.