[Feature Request] Version Control

I would like to modify a scenario without taking it into use. A way to do this is to have different versions of a scenario and then determine which one is active. Then you also have history to go back and check how the scenario has changed. If you have version control, then it would also be possible to have auto save as you are not modifying the live scenario.


but only up to 60 days.

aah there is versions but I would not call that version control. I would like to create versions, give them a name and then keep switch between them.

OMFG, I love this community already. Seriously great work for doing this over Facebook!

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Agreed. Actual version control would be EXCELLENT.

I third this.
would love named versions.

Each scenario can be exported as a blueprint and you can check in the blueprint to GitHub for example as a branch. Then you can checkin and checkout versions. But I am not sure that will be as helpful as you think.

On the teams plan you could have a development team , a staging testing team and a production team and clone scenarios between them as you work on them. It makes it much cleaner to keep production scenarios separate from development or testing scenarios. That’s how I do “versions”.


Hello there @tobbemalm :wave:

I just wanted to let you know that there’s a brand new Idea exchange platform eagerly waiting for our community feedback. Feel free to log this suggestion in there so that you can easily monitor its status.

We made a post about this in the community so you can check that out for more information :nerd_face:

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