Waiting for status to change from 201 to 200

I’m pretty new at this, but I’m trying to run a scenario where I wait for the status to change to 200 before running the scenario. I can’t seem to find anything to read up on. Any direction as to where to look?

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Please explain what do you mean by “status”? What status of which service, and where to find that status?

Could you please provide some screenshots so that others can see what you’re looking at?


Thank you for checking in on this!

for status I’m using HTTP get request

Here’s the flow
Screenshot 2023-10-19 at 1.04.58 PM

As you can see, I’m currently adding “sleep” to wait for the status to change from 201 (which means the request was created and still processing) to 200 (finished processing). But instead, Id like to create a listener or webhook to trigger the rest of the scenario once it’s done processing without having to set a sleep time

If the external service allows you to register webhooks, then you can create a trigger to wait for incoming webhook requests in Make using the generic Webhook “Custom webhook” module.

Check the developer documentation for the external service to see if this is possible.