Watch a rows and update a row: Google Sheets, Browse AI

I am new here and I am trying to make a scenario where there is google sheets and I want to use browse ai each time I put a new link in it and then paste the information to the next row in the same google sheets but I am new here and I dont know how to do

Hi @leuteris_21,

Can you share with me what the scenario looks like and what you have done so far? We can review what has been done and possibly guide you on what needs to be done.


We have done exactly this recently using to scrape data and insert into a Google sheet and then pass this data to Shopify. As @Runcorn says, please share some more information as I may be able to offer some advice.


of course


This looks good @leuteris_21 , so what is the issue?


it doesn’t work when I put any command in there it just stops