Watch Board's Item module only outputting 100 bundles in Monday

Hi. I use Watch Board.`s Item module ( Monday CRM). I want to receive all my leads 4000. But in out put data I have only 100 bundles. What can be the reason of it?

I will dig into it in a little bit, but my guess is that Monday’s API is only returning 100 results at a time hence why you’re only getting 100 bundles at a time. Most APIs have what is called pagination where you need to go through each “page” of results to get the full body of results and it sounds like that may be what is happening here.


But how can I find these all pages? I see in Monday API limit per minut 5000 resultes. By the way, thanks for answer

So, you’d need to change your approach on how you go about this.

To start, you’d likely want to use the Make a GraphQL request from within the Monday module. Per Monday’s documentation, you can request 500 items at a time with this (Items page by column values), in that initial request, it’s going to give you a “next_items_page” output that you can use to pass into additional requests to continue to loop until you’ve gotten all of the items.

Pagination can be a little tricky in Make so I’ve linked a post below that has helped demonstrate how you can use that next_items_page concept in the context of make to iterate through something until the very last payload doesn’t contain that “next_items_page” item as there are no more items left.

Now, with all of that being said, is the purpose of this just to export items from Monday, or is this just a piece in a broader automation?

Either way, let me know if this helps and if you’re still stuck, I’m happy to help further!