Watch Responses on Airtable is not working

I’m trying to implement Watch Responses from airtable but the data is not coming from airtable.

I’ve tried many times to run the module “Watch Responses” but nothing happened and it takes a long time running.

I know that the module works in real-time and the answer for your question is YES. I’m receiving new responses when I run the scenario. I created a form on Airtable and I link the form with the webhook URL like in the documentation. Then I started the scenario and I filled the form by myself many times to see if the module got any response AND nothing happened.

Mhm this sounds weird :confused:

Do you see the scenarios being “in Queue”?
How long do you wait between sending and expecting a received webhook?

To me it happened a few times that I forgot to turn the workflow on :see_no_evil::joy: