🟣 We are redirecting the Integromat website, but nothing changes for you

Hi Makers,

We would like to inform you that integromat.com will be redirected to make.com on Thursday 30th June, between 3 and 5pm CET.

Rest assured, you can still access your Legacy (Integromat) account, but only through the sign-in button on Make, or directly from the Legacy (Integromat) login page.

See the screenshot below for reference :arrow_down:

This change won’t be applied to the following pages, which will remain accessible from the Legacy (Integromat) platform or direct link:

:rotating_light: Please note: The app pages will be redirected within the following weeks. If you wish to use an app on the legacy platform, you will need to login to Legacy (Integromat) and create a new scenario with the app.

Aside from this, nothing changes: Integromat users will be able to access the Legacy platform.

Have a great day!

:make: Lucie | The Make Team :make:

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It would be epic if you posted this kind of announcement on the Integromat FB page too.
You still have lots of clients there too.

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Thanks for bringing this up, Brett! We’ll definitely post this in the FB group as well, thaťs the plan :slight_smile: