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I’ve migrated all my Integromat scenarios to my new Make legacy plan and all scenarios are working perfectly :+1::rocket:
My question relates to the Integromat invoices. As a freelancer I need to download a copy of my invoice monthly so I can claim it back through my business.
As Integromat is closing down in September I thought that I’d be able to see my invoices in Make, but this is not the case.
Will the invoices move across once we don’t have access to Integromat after September?

Many thanks for anyone that knows :blush:

Hey @Carl_Holmes

You can still sign into Sign in | Integromat and download your invoices which were previously issued on your Integromat instance.

As per the invoices transferring over, I am not really sure what will happen after September. Perhaps @Michaela can chime in with her expertise here.

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This was recently addressed over here: "Integromat Shutdown Guidance" Needed from Make


Hello @Carl_Holmes welcome to the community :wave:

Regarding your query, I completely agree with what @sArchitect mentioned. Downloading your Integromat invoices and keeping them stored would be my recommendation as well.

@andyoneil Thanks a lot for pointing out the recent conversation that dives into this topic :pray:

Thank you for your warm welcome. :blush:
I totally get that I could download all my old invoices. I download every new one each month so I can add it to my monthly business expense claim.
The issue is, when Integromat is switched off will I still have access to any new invoices as they don’t currently appear in my new migrated Make account.
Hopefully, as mentioned on this thread, this will be resolved before they switch Integromat off, or they still allow access to the platform so we can download new invoices. :+1:

I see, thanks for the extra context. :slight_smile:

As soon as you are fully migrated, you will be able to see your invoices in Make. By fully migrated, I mean both your scenarios and your billing details.

For more information about migration statuses, you can have a look at this article, specifically the section below:

Hope this helps!

@Michaela are you saying that if a user is on a Legacy Integromat plan (cheaper than Make), they will have to:

  1. Start paying for a Make plan to get invoices on Make, or
  2. Not upgrade to Make and loose access to any Integromat invoices?

I think the point here is that people want to stay on the Legacy (cheaper) plans after October 1st, so how would one get their invoices at that time?

Hello @andyoneil

I just want to clarify that I’m not saying either of these.

It seems that @Carl_Holmes has only partially migrated. To complete the migration, it’s important to enter the billing details into Make. Right now, it’s highly likely that Carl’s scenarios are running on Make, while the invoices are still being handled through Integromat.

Hi @Michaela - thank you for the additional information. I logged into my migrated Make account this morning and could see a message that I need to update my account payment details. I apologise that I missed this before. After reading through the information provided, I see that Make are now using different payment providers. My old Integromat account was setup with PayPal, which is not an option nowadays. I have therefore added my debit card details.

After updating I got a notification popup stating that I am now “fully migrated” and that my future payments will now be taken through Make at my Legacy plan rate, and the old payments will stop on Integromat. :+1:

Hopefully, this will all go through smoothly, I’ll keep an eye on things over the next few weeks.

Thank you for your time and patience :blush:

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Heya @Carl_Holmes

Fantastic news! I am really happy to hear that you’re now fully migrated and that you’ll be able to easily access your invoices in Make. :tada:

I have no doubts that all will be running smoothly but please do feel 100% free to keep us posted on how this unfolds. :slight_smile:

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