Integromat Migration Deadline Date

I am an integromat user who has not migrated to Make.
(There are other people on the Integromat FB group in the same boat).

Has a specific migration deadline been set yet please, when Integromat will be switched off?

Heya @Brettlewis :wave:

We’re aware that a part of our users is choosing to stay on Integromat for the time being.

Existing customers can continue to use Integromat, but we highly encourage them to prioritize their upgrade as support for Integromat ends in 2023.


So support will end, but the platform will carry on operating?
And by 2023, do you mean 1 Jan 2023 or some date still to be determined?

Yes, you’re exactly right. Integromat will keep on working but the support for the platform will be discontinued. At this point, there is no official date set, sorry about that. We’ll make sure to let all our Integromat users know as soon as this is determined.