When will the Legacy Integromat cease to exist


When will the Legacy Integromat cease to exist?

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As far as I know, there is no immediate plan to shut down the integromat servers in the short term (meaning under 12-24 months) bets off after that.

But support in the form of new updates: either in the form of new modules, or existing modules maintaining their compatibility with the platforms they are connected to, is scheduled to stop in Q1 2023.

What this means to everyday users.

Well Established Apps with APIs that are heavily used and integrated deep into a wide chunk of the internet/products on the internet.

will likely maintain 90% compatibility with integromat for at least a couple of years.

Newer apps, Apps with Apis in Beta (linear), or Apps (like discord) that rapidly overhaul their API.

will likely lose most of their functionality within integromat faster than that.

Data Compliance needs, vulnerabilities, exploits:

It would not be safe to assume that they will be addressed, the expectation will be to move to :make: make

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