"Integromat Shutdown Guidance" Needed from Make

@Michaela I’ve been asked some good questions about Integromat shutting down.

First, I understand that we won’t have access to view our forwarded webhooks / mailhooks after the Integromat shutdown. Bruno confirmed this to me a few weeks ago. I encouraged Make users to document their webhooks/mailhooks in this YouTube video: [Integromat Shutdown Alert: Save Your Migrated Webhooks & Mailhooks Before September 30, 2023! - YouTube], but I don’t see anyone else (including Make) talking about how to prepare for the shutdown.

It would be nice to see an indication in Make what webhooks are being forwarded, for troubleshooting purposes.

Secondly, anyone on a Legacy plan has to access Integromat for receipts / invoices for monthly payments. How will access to this documentation work after Integromat shuts down?

I don’t believe Make has been very clear as to the consequences of the shutdown. IMHO, Make should send emails (multiple emails) to users explaining the webhook and invoice issues, and how this will work after Integromat is no longer active.

Do any community members have any other concerns?


Hello Andy :wave:,

Let me step in for Michaela, my name is Tiep and I work with the team on the Integromat End of Life.

I just watched your video and love what you do for the community. Keep it up!

I can confirm that the “indication in Make” similarly to how it’s displayed on Integromat is planned.

We are also aware of receipts and invoices that are currently on Integromat that might be needed in the future, especially for accounting purposes, and considering to provide a working solution for those cases. Thank you for bringing this up.

As the date approaches, we will communicate further on the details of the Integromat end of life.

I hope this clarifies the questions and provide assurance related to this topic.

Best regards,

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Thank you @Tiep.

I appreciate your reply and attention to this.

I look forward to the upcoming communication on the Integromat end of life.

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Hi, @andyoneil thanks a lot for bringing up this valuable question! It’s great to see that you’re looking out for the community :pray:

@Tiep thanks a bunch for stepping in here and letting us know what the communication plan is. :raised_hands: