How to migrate the billing from my integromat legacy plan to make


A few months ago I create a new make account with another email, so when the migration begins I migrate my sceneries with the migration tool, but now I want to migrate my billing from integromat to make, I tried to do it but I can’t see the option…

I appreciate your help,
Thanks in advance!!

Welcome to Make!

According to the FAQs in the Make Help center,

(read the bold points)

Migration status and billing status are separate. Even though you have migrated all your scenarios, data stores, data, and app connections to Make, your billing details are not transferred to Make automatically. You need to enter your billing details in Make manually.

When you complete your upgrade to Make, the system asks you to update your payment method. When you update your payment method, we stop charging you in Integromat and start charging you in Make.

We will continue to charge the card we have on file in Integromat until you enter your payment information in Make. When you enter your payment information into Make, we will automatically cancel your Integromat subscription.

Log into your Make account and review your Make subscription to check and edit your billing details.

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Hi @Blore welcome to the community :wave:

I just wanted to quickly step in and clarify a couple of things.

  • To migrate billing to a Make account (legacy subscription), it’s crucial that your Make account shares the same email address as your Integromat account. In essence, these accounts need to be linked through your email address.

  • The migration tool is specifically designed for transferring your scenarios, data stores, and connections. It isn’t intended to upgrade your account to Make.

If you’re looking for a way to get your legacy plan, the best thing to do is to contact our support team since they have the right tools to assist you with this process.