Web Front-end for Scenario Operators

Hi all,

I wish to abstract Make from operators of scenarios - i.e. have a web-based front end where an user can enter info, press Submit, and the Make scenario runs and gives feedback to the user (e.g. status, errors if any). The user should never have to log in to Make.

At this time I am using Google Forms and webhooks, but it is quite basic. There is no feedback, no scenario progress bar, no data input validation etc.

Has anyone found a feature-rich (and preferably free or minimal cost) front-end that integrates will into the Google Workspace ecosystem,?

Hey @dgee9663! Utilizing Webhooks is an effective method for triggering your scenarios, especially for those that run at specific intervals or require ACID properties. It might be necessary to incorporate certain techniques to display event notifications.

however, before starting anything review this:

Make Roles

I haven’t come across a solution like the one in Make or other iPaaS tools, but I find your request intriguing. Now, diving into the details, I believe we can develop a great solution by leveraging some bootstrap, JavaScript, and perhaps even integrating database access.

You’ve piqued my curiosity, and I’m considering taking up this project over the weekend.

Please shere some screenshots of what you have so far to take some ideas and inspiration.

I’m thinking in an UI like this:



Hi there!

I don’t have screenshots, but your UI looks good except that I would want to have the ability to pass info into the payload of the webkook.

Think of, for example, and Invoice processing scenario in Make. The front-end would need to gather input such as Invoice number, amount, vendor etc. When the user hits submit, the webhook passes the responses to the Make scenario which then does its thing.

got you, maybe I was overcomplicating things :grinning:

in that case maybe you can use any formbuilder application for that.