Webflow 'users access' API not working?

Does anyone have any experience trying to make an API call to Webflow for ‘user accounts’? I am trying to get a list of users using GET and then update users access groups depending on specific variables using PUT but every time I try to set up either API call, I get the following error;

The operation failed with an error. [403] OAuthForbidden: You are missing the following scopes - ‘users:read’

I have already generated a Webflow API token with users:read/write included. I have no issue setting up Make with any of the other Webflow modules and no issue setting up API calls for other apps such as Stripe. Is this an issue on Make’s behalf or am I missing something?

When you’re generating the API Token in Webflow (Site Settings/Integration), you will have to assign the scopes you’re looking for. You can see a list below from my account where I’ve given the key specific permissions. The 403 error is saying you don’t have Read Access to the User Endpoint. A new API Key with permissions will likely solve this issue for you.


Thanks for the response. I have already set the API token up with the User accounts scopes added and it still does not work. I have read that the issue is due to Webflow updating their API to V2 and Make not yet upgrading the modules accordingly. Is there a way to get around this with a direct API call? Maybe I need to add some more manual setup to get it working.

For sure, you don’t need to use the Webflow V1 module. You can use an HTTP Module and use their API docs to setup relatively quickly. Then you should be all set!


Ah, I was using the ‘Webflow Make API call’ module so I am using the incorrect method?

Yes, Webflow has a new V2 app because they changed their APIs. We should no longer use the non-V2 Webflow app as the grace period for switching over to using the new Webflow API V2 may have expired.


I’m not sure why the V2 app is hidden, but I have added it to a few scenarios and it works well.

Hello Angus, where are you finding the V2 app? When searching for modules, I only find the Webflow V1 which does not contain user accounts