Webhook Integration: Podio Globiflow to Make

Hi all. I am currently delving into the integration between Podio Globiflow and Make using webhooks, and I am reaching out to seek guidance.

My objective is to send an item ID from Podio as a variable using Globiflow webhook automation (when an item is updated) to trigger the webhook from Make. It will hopefully POST the Item ID and the variable name (item_id) to the webhook.

This is what I’ve done so far…

In Globiflow I’ve included the item id field with the option POST and the field I need to pass across on to the webhook.

Strangely when it hits make its bringing in "4"s and its not spearing the key and the variable so I can use them to filter the podio apps as you’ll see in the screen shots.

Does anyone know where I’m going wrong?

Thank you for your time!

Miles Clark

Hi @Miles_Clark,

On your Webhooks module, can you click the little chat buddle with the #1 inside and give us a look at the output of that module?

Looking at Podio’s documentation, it seems like even for a POST your POST params should look more like this (without the curly braces):
item_id=[(Practice Valuation) Podio Item ID]

If that doesn’t work, what we see in the Webhook’s output should help figure this out.


Hi Donald,

thanks so much for your help. It worked perfectly!

I now have another issue on the same scenario though…

I’m trying to use the Address field from Podio, to then search through hyper link text… I’ve got the extraction of the hyperlink sorted… however, I don’t want to search with the entire address as the formatting varies… and sometimes it includes “England”, sometimes it included “United Kingdom”

EG, the address might be:

School House, Winkburn, Newark, NG22 8PQ, United Kingdom

I just want to search using the first two lines…bearing in mind that sometimes the address is a house or sometimes a number.

I either need to do a fuzzy search in my filter (if thats possible?) or ensure there are no commas and only have the first two lines

I tried removing delimiters, but that didn’t seem to work…

I tried to convert the address into an array with each delimited line as a substring on the array and then return the first and second bits of the array but I couldn’t figure out how to get that to work either.

any ideas?

Thank you again!!

You’d probably need to use either a Text Parser Match Pattern or maybe some inline functions.

Can you provide some examples of what you have vs what you’re trying to extract?

For example, with this:

You want just “School House, Winkburn”?
You also said you don’t want commas, so you just want “School House Winkburn”?

If you simply want to get the first two parts, if separated by commas, you can use some inline functions like this:




Basically you split the text by comma, get the first element from the resultant array, then split it again, then get the second element in the resultant array. They are combined just by specifying them in the order in which you want them.

If you want to get fancy, you’d do something like add a Google Maps module to try to figure out the address, break it into its parts, then return only the parts you need, like the street name, etc…


Thanks Donald! Again, that was very useful… I had to tweak a number of things to get it to work how I wanted but I didn’t know about the get function… I’m definitely going to play with that some more.

Really appreciate your help and speedy replies!