Webhook To http with newlines in json \n

Hi ;

I am getting json parse error due to \n, I replaced it but it still appears the same, how can I solve it?

Can anyone help?


TeslimatAdresi": “Yeşilevler Mahallesi, 931.Sokak, Yılmaz Apartmanı No:4/2 \r\n ANKARA/Yenimahalle”,

Have you tried using a JSON Parser to handle the JSON? It might fix it.


Solving it in the task without using the json parser takes away from my isitourm json parser scenario rights.

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I’m not sure I understand your statement. It looks like you meant iStorm, but I could be wrong.

If the webhook contains a JSON string, you could take that and feed it to a JSON parser to get a (hopefully) properly formatted JSON which you can use in the rest of your scenario.

If there are tokens and such in the webhook request, you should be able to reuse them in a webhook response.

If I am misunderstanding, I recommend that you share a screenshot of your entire scenario and the blueprints if you can. Also, the output bundles of your webhook will help.